The main functions and tasks of 

Civil Aviation Agency is:

  • implementation of state policy in the field of civil aviation aimed at meeting the demand of the population and the needs of the economy for air transportation and other types of services, as well as creating conditions for flight safety;
  • development of plans and programs for the development of civil aviation in the Republic of Tajikistan and their implementation on the basis of state, national, interstate and sectoral target programs;
  • implementation of a coordinated aviation policy in international and foreign economic activity, promotion of international and regional cooperation in the field of civil aviation;
  • organization of the use of part of the airspace of the Republic of Tajikistan, defined in the prescribed manner for airways, local airlines, areas of aviation work, civil airfields and airports; 
  • development, implementation of common standards for aviation operations and transportation, airworthiness standards for aircraft, flight support systems and air traffic support systems and facilities;
  • development of standards and norms for the flight and technical operation of civil aircraft, qualification requirements for aviation personnel;
  • ensuring government safety and security programs;
  • joint coordination of activities to implement state policy and ensure the free movement of passengers and goods by air throughout the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan and beyond, with the relevant ministries and departments, as well as local government bodies;
  • assistance in carrying out institutional and structural transformations in the field of civil aviation;
  • a comprehensive analysis of the activity and forecast of the development of civil aviation, development of recommendations and implementation of measures to ensure its sustainable functioning and development;
  • establishment, maintenance and adherence to safety standards and consumer protection, environmental protection and natural resources, aviation security;
  • assistance in increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of civil aviation enterprises in the international and domestic transport services market; 
  • monitoring tariffs and fees charged by airlines; 
  • ensuring the fulfillment of obligations arising from intergovernmental agreements and treaties on air communications, as well as other international treaties relating to the activities of civil aviation;
  • conducting negotiations with the aviation authorities of foreign countries on the regulation of bilateral flights;
  • certification activities and licensing in the field of civil aviation;    
  • ensuring the use of civil aviation, as well as the implementation of special programs in emergency situations;